The Low-Tech Vacation

Yes, you can have a great vacation with minimal — or no — connection to smartphones, laptops or tablets. When traveling, carry a smartphone in case of an emergency or to check flights or weather information. But research shows taking a break from constant technology use may benefit your brain and refresh you physically and mentally. 

Tips for planning a (mostly) unplugged vacation:

Discuss what a tech-free vacation means with your family and how it can encourage togetherness.

Consider the great outdoors. From the Grand Canyon to Yosemite, state and national parks offer incredible sightseeing, hiking and camping if you
want — a great getaway from tech tools. 

Ask your travel agent about low-tech adventures. A growing number of unique resorts promote unplugging to de-stress, from Adirondack-inspired B&Bs on the edge of Wisconsin’s Chequamegon National Forest to tree-house accommodations suspended in an old-growth rain forest on Vancouver Island, B.C.

Or take a low-tech, budget-stretching staycation at home. Commit to unplugging and visit local art galleries, museums, the zoo, nearby beaches or lakes and other attractions. 

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