How to Survive Family Road Trips

Whether you’re driving to a vacation destination or traveling cross-country to several locations, a summer road trip can be loaded with family fun and adventure. Planning ahead is key to ensuring a pleasant trip.

Think safety first. Pack a first-aid kit and any medications family members need. Have your car’s road worthiness checked. Make sure all seatbelts work properly and little ones have appropriately sized car seats, too.

Tips for a family road trip with more fun, less stress:

  • Pack plenty of refreshments. Keep them in reach so you don’t have to stop the car for a drink or snack. Pack wipes to clean hands.
  • Keep youngsters occupied. Bring small toys, but don’t forget old-fashioned participation games such as “I Spy” or family sing-alongs. Use books and brochures to share information about what you’ll see on your trip.
  • Stop for breaks about every 2 hours. Stretch your legs and supervise kids while they burn energy tossing a ball, jumping rope or playing tag in a safe rest area.
  • Bring along audio books and earplugs to avoid squabbles over movies; instead of screen time, encourage more scenery watching.
  • If an attraction is a dud, or you take a wrong turn, relax. Talk (and laugh) about it.
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