Get Savvy About Health Care

Understanding how your health care plan works is vital to protecting your well-being. Check your knowledge against these basic goals that help ensure quality coverage:

  • I have read my benefit plan description and know what’s required for copayments, deductibles and other fees.
  • I know how to access services, such as provider referrals, routine screenings or hospital admission.
  • I manage my basic health with a primary health care provider by asking questions, discussing treatment options and following self-care measures.
  • I maintain a strong, effective relationship with my provider, who listens, invites my questions and explains thoroughly.
  • I can exchange information with my provider using an online portal.
  • I usually offer my provider prepared, specific information about my health.
  • I use a current medical self-care guide.
  • I know when and where to get urgent care (other than my provider’s clinic or a hospital emergency room).

Once your provider has diagnosed your health condition or gives you a prescribed care plan, its success depends largely on you. Whether it’s taking medicine correctly, changing habits or watching for symptoms, do your best to stay in charge.

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