Get in the Swim

Water exercise offers special rewards. First, no matter what the activity involves, doing it in chest-deep water takes added effort. And low-impact aqua workouts can leave you feeling calm and invigorated, not tired or achy.

Fitness benefits? Even the simplest pool exercise — walking forward and backward in waist-high water — can improve balance and flexibility and train your core muscles, all with help from the water’s resistance. Aqua aerobic routines will help you reduce body fat, lose weight and strengthen your cardiovascular health.

Pool classes offer a variety of exercise options. In addition to lap swimming, you can switch to shallow or deep-water activities that provide vigorous muscle workouts, especially by keeping your full range of motion under water.

Just starting or have limited mobility? Choose an introductory class and work with the instructor to identify your fitness goals and to learn proper form. If you don’t swim well, find a class that offers routines in the shallow end of the pool, such as water walking. As your strength grows, you can increase your pace for enhanced fitness.

Check with your health care provider first if you have chronic health problems (e.g., heart issues, arthritis, backache, injury and obesity), or pregnant.

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