Physical Activity for Life

Official exercise guidelines are updated as we’re learning more about how physical fitness and exercise affect our health and longevity. New evidence-based studies show we can fight many of our most common chronic health problems simply by staying physically active.

Key Recommendations:

Ages 3 to 5 (new):Get at least 3 hours per day of active play (light, moderate or vigorous) to enhance growth and development.

Ages 6 to 17 (no change): Get 60 minutes per day of moderate- to vigorous-intensity activity for healthy heart, muscle and bone development.

Adults (no change): Get at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week; add muscle strengthening 2 to 3 days a week.

Just move more and sit less. There is no minimum exercise time requirement now. The new guidelines suggest any amount of physical activity has health benefits, including better sleep, stress relief and improved blood pressure and mental health. Over time, staying physical helps manage many ongoing health conditions including obesity, osteoarthritis, diabetes and dementia.

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