Exercise: Get More Outdoors

Why exercise with Mother Nature? It’s hard to argue with the many health benefits you can gain from regular exercise. And moving it outdoors offers some special benefits over indoor exercise, especially on beautiful sunny days. Let it broaden your horizons.

Just open the door. You’ll find countless routes and settings in your neighborhood, often quicker than traveling to a gym.

Forget boredom. You can choose a changing environment, especially if you live near a park, shoreline or designated bike path — much more fun than working on a machine, especially
with a friend.

Burn more calories. Headwinds make your muscles work harder to overcome the resistance against your body, especially when jogging or biking.

Connect with your community. Break from screen time to share the fresh air with fellow neighborhood walkers, joggers and bikers.

Make exercise family time outside. Take your kids routinely to a playground, go biking or hiking and break a sweat — a good step in raising confident kids who grow to appreciate fitness.

Boost your mood. There is research suggesting that exercise outside can benefit mental well-being more than the same type of exercise inside. One study found outdoor exercisers scored higher on measures of energy, enthusiasm and self-esteem and lower on tension, depression
and fatigue.

Reminder: Know your outdoor environment — find a setting that’s safe and meets your exercise needs. Consider traffic, weather and air conditions before heading out.

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