Staying Sane This Time of Year

Whether you have holiday plans or not, everyone faces pressure this season. Traffic, packed stores and social obligations can affect your health. Soothe body and mind 8 ways:

1. Calm your body and mind. Deep breathing, yoga and meditation reduce anxiety. So can watching a funny or heartwarming movie. Exposure to sunshine and exercise are stressbusters, too.

2. Don’t shop until you drop. Create a budget and stick to it when you buy. Shop online to skip traffic and crowds.

3. Beware of overindulging. Keep in mind that overdoing it at the buffet table or cookie plate can lead to unhealthy habits that endure past the season. 

4. Acknowledge your feelings. If you’re alone this time of year, you may feel down and lonely at times. If depression lingers, talk to your health care provider.

5. Don’t skimp on shut-eye. Sleep deprivation can trigger depression and exhaustion. 

6. Give up perfectionism. If you’re hosting company at your home, stop worrying about food and décor being perfect. Instead, enjoy seeing friends and family.

7. Learn to say No. Don’t feel pressured to accept every invitation. A simple “Thanks, but I won’t be able to come” is sufficient.

8. Move more, not less. Avoid the temptation to cut back on exercise this time of year. 

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