Don’t Let Your Health Take a Holiday

The busy season ahead can quickly lead to a hectic schedule. To lessen your stress, maintain energy and avoid getting sick, treat yourself well:

Take time for basic needs. That means 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep and 3 balanced meals every day, plus 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise (e.g., brisk walking) weekly — the best Rx for sustaining energy and feeling positive.

Watch for opportune exercise. Park in the back 40 of the shopping mall and walk to it.

Keep your hands clean. And keep your distance from sick coworkers and family members. 

You don’t have to do it all. You’re not being a Grinch if you need to say No to family and friends to relieve stress and recharge. 

Snack for energy. Have some fruit, nuts and seeds with you when working or traveling. 

Quiet your mind. Check out meditation apps to create mindfulness and help you to relieve stress or pain or quit smoking. 

Relax in the moment. Open your mind and your eyes to the warmth of your surroundings — listen to music or enjoy a wintry walk followed by a cup of hot tea.

Encourage others. Wear a smile, offer compliments, and be patient with those who appear stressed. When a friend seems upset or blue, lend an ear and just listen. That’s the spirit!

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