The Social Media Diet

Social media is an integral part of modern-day life. We use it for entertainment, learning, business and personal communication. 

But when social media use is habitual and interferes with your home life, your ability to stay on task at work and even driving safely — it’s time to cut back.

These social media diet tips can help:

Give up social media that’s not critical to your work and personal time for a month. Then slowly add back what you truly missed and what’s meaningful to you. Georgetown University scientist Cal Peterson found this strategy can boost interest in hobbies and improve work focus.

Cancel online newspapers and newsletters you don’t need. Change daily email subscriptions to a weekly or monthly digest.

Make social media off limits at dinnertime with family and visits with friends. Put the phone away.

Scrolling through your phone in the car is a hazard. Place your phone out of reach in the backseat of your vehicle.

Designate twice-daily check-ins with social media and stick with the schedule. Lack self-control? Consider apps that alert you to specific times to access social media sites.

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